DiMarchi Partners
Who is DiMarchi Partners?

Research (candidate sourcing) is managed by Paul DiMarchi, and is a collaborative effort among a troop of stunningly effective research professionals.

Our search projects are conducted with enduring tenacity and unwavering enthusiasm. It's the passion showing through...

This game changing persistence is what yields us the most attractive talent choices from the widest selection of options.

Final candidate evaluation is handled exclusively by Paul DiMarchi, with equal measures of scrutiny, psychological illumination and economic savvy. Paul's visceral intuition aids in the calibration as well.

Our 40 years of work as a generalist spans diverse industries and professions. Rather than align with any one industry or profession, we specialize in a search process that is orchestrated with passion, focus, and skill.

Consequently, we view every search as the first of its kind…so it's
never deja-vu all over again…

The end result is a meaningfully assembled slate of candidates, from which our client chooses, attracts, and embraces. The client's choice enables both the corporate client and the chosen leader to thrive.

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